Tips to learn English.

Assalamualaikum guys.How are you today?I hope you all fine okay!
today I want to share with you How To Learn and Improve your English.
maybe certain people are good in speaking but for me I'm still not good in English.
now I'm learning to improve my English.
wish me luck okay :)

let start our tips.
pay your attention okay.

Tip 1 - Failure or weaknesses in the past is not a sign to prove yourself.
Tip 2 - Acquire vocabulary.
Tip 3 - Master English Grammar.
Tip 4 - Think in English.
Tip 5 - Write a diary in English.
Tip 6 - Find friends good English and friends who want to know how the English language.
Tip 7 - Memorize the verses in English for daily use.

So,I hope you can practice all the tips okay if you're really want to improve your English.
"Man Jada Wa Jada" 

Good luck dear, and wish me luck too okay.
see you!

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